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5Having the air ducts cleaned, or the dryer vents cleaned on your home is basically the same as having the oil changed in your car or getting new tires and brakes. Forgetting or neglecting to have these services performed can cause expensive if not life threatening problems for you in the future. Regular home inspections should be completed every one to three years with a professional air duct cleaning company. Topline Air Duct Cleaning can perform a wide variety of valuable home maintenance tasks like chimney cleaning, air duct cleaning and dryer vent cleaning. Their team of professionals can thoroughly inspect all of the elements to your systems as well as clean and repair if needed.

During the inspection, if mold is found to be growing throughout the home or in the air duct system Topline Air Duct Cleaning can effectively remove the mold leaving the home safer for you and your family. If it has been over a year or two since your last home inspection it may be time to call in the professionals to schedule your appointment today.

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